Learn how to serve more powerfully so that your clients get 10X better results.

Feel confident on how to structure your process and calls so that your clients leave the call mind-blown, taking action & having huge shifts + transformations in their life & business. 

Become so GREAT at what you do, that people cannot ignore you and run to your DMS to see how they can work with you.

Is this you?

Benjamin Owen is a Professional & Personal Coach who teaches you how to dramatically shift your income, leadership & relationships. He's been in the coaching space for over 14 years (so he knows a thing or two!) 

He's also known as the high performing leaders 'secret weapon' whilst serving clients on a 1:1 basis and inside worldwide coaches programmes to help serve their clients. 

Ben delivers 2 out of the 4 trainings on Become a Great Mentor.

Poppy Owen is a Global Business Mentor & Coach who powerfully serves those wanting to create a wildly profitable online business such as becoming a leading mentor in their industry.

She has is all about the 'no fluff' vibe - meaning she'll mentor you with 'straight to the point, cutting out the fluff, taking bold moves' energy. 

Poppy will be delivering the first 2 trainings inside Become a Great Mentor.



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I started working with Poppy 6 months ago and honestly I can say that she has transformed my business I was at a place before working with her where I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I just didn't know how to do it And I saw her on Instagram felt like she was just the perfect person for me and honestly she really really was She has catapulted my business, my confidence, my skills, my knowledge, everything she having access to her brain is just amazing. We did weekly Zoom calls and I just couldn't recommend her enough, like every bit of advice that she would give me strategies that she would tell me to put in place, everything worked and she really knows what she's talking about. I feel so confident now thanks to her in my business and I just couldn't recommend her enough. So thank you so much Poppy



Online Educator

So before Poppy, I had my own business, just dropped my contract work. I knew that I wanted to help female business owners. I just didn't know how to package it up. And so I was feeling like super lost, like super confused. When I started working with Poppy, she helped me package up my offer, gave me so much clarity and confidence. And from there, I just thrived. I 5X my income in the space of about 60 days. I went to my first 5 figure month, which was insane. Working with Poppy has been amazing. She has brought me into and made me feel part of an amazing community. She always inspires me. She has a no BS approach, which I completely need. And I know that she's just gonna continue to help me to grow my business.



Business Mentor & Consultant

I am so happy that I believed in myself and my business enough to invest in Poppy as my business coach. To be honest, I couldn’t really afford it at the time, and I had a few raised eyebrows from family and friends. I think they were worries that I would never realise my investment of just over 10k. But fast forward 6 months and I have made back my investment. Not only that but I am soooo happy to be doing what I love and that is helping other women get ahead and make their dreams come true. If you are tooing and froing about investing in yourself…stop procrastinating and do it. Take that leap of faith, believe in yourself, trust the process and work fucking hard 
Thank you Poppy, I’m so happy our stars were aligned that day I saw you speak at LashFest. 

Joanna Lee

Public Speaking & Confidence Coach

Since working with Poppy my career has completely changed. I’ve launched my online platform LashLife which generates passive income as it’s a membership people sign up to. She helped me learn how to make it all myself, do the marketing, sales strategies and kept me motivated. I’ve now got the foundations to the next step in my career and I’m beyond grateful. It’s going so well!!!! I still can’t believe I have members on there and I earn money from it 🥳 To anyone looking for a business mentor I 100% recommend Poppy. I’d followed her for years and loved the vibe I got from her, hence why I chose her. She reassured me every step of the way before I actually began working with her and it’s the BEST investment I’ve ever made in myself. I couldn’t have done any of it with Poppy! And she’s someone I will definitely be working with again in the future 💗




Business Mentor & Coach

- Time + Money Creator 
- Turn Your In Person Services Into A Wildly Profitable Online Business & Live Your Best F*cking Life!