Balancing a 6 figure business with children…


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Are you a working parent struggling to find that perfect balance between work and life? Do you think it’s impossible to run a multi-6 figure business while taking care of your kids? Let me tell you, it’s not!

Meet Poppy, a successful businesswoman and mother of two beautiful kids – a 9-month-old and a 2-year-old. Poppy lives in Dubai and runs her business while raising her kids, here’s how she manages to do it all.

Firstly, Poppy admits that ‘balance’ is a bit of a myth when it comes to raising kids. However, she still tries her best to make it work. Her working day starts at 12 pm because she is four hours ahead of the UK, where most of her clients are. Poppy and her partner Ben love to spend their mornings with their kids, doing fun activities together. Poppy emphasizes that you can do a lot in just four hours.

So, when does Poppy work? When she works, Ben takes care of the kids, and when Ben works, Poppy takes over. Additionally, Effie, their 2-year-old, goes to nursery three days a week, which makes things a bit easier for them.

The perks of having a freedom-style business and working from home are enormous. Poppy works for only 10 hours a week and generates £20k a month. So, how does she manage to do it all?

Here’s how Poppy’s 10-hour workweek is broken down:

  • 4 Hours – dedicated calls & support to her 1:1 clients
  • 2 Hours – Mastermind delivery & support
  • 2 Hours – Discovery calls or Admin
  • 2 Hours – Social Media Advertising & Marketing / Content Creation

As a no-fluff kind of person, Poppy automates everything to have less admin work and more freedom. She removes any task that is not moving the needle forward in her business. Poppy calls herself the boundary queen, setting clear boundaries to ensure she has both time and money freedom.

If you’re curious about how you too can work for only 10 hours a week and generate £20k a month from your service-based business, then DM Poppy with the word BALANCE. She has an opportunity that she wants to share with you.

In conclusion, it’s possible to run a successful business and raise your kids at the same time. It may not be easy, but with the right mindset, organization, and automation, you can make it work. 

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