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take your expertise, move them online so that you can generate
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I keep getting asked: 'Poppy how did you go from serving clients & working 60+ hours a week, being a fully booked in-person educator to only working 10 hours a week, generating £25k+ cash months from wherever you are in the world?' It's here. I'll teach you.

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Sounds too good to be true? I've been able to unlock the exact strategy & mindset tools for this and I'm ready to help you make it your reality.

Being able to still do what you love but you free up your time by 4X and now you create unlimited amount of memories with loved ones and never have to miss out. 

Not being chained to your diary or being somewhere physical to make money. You make money whilst sitting by the pool and sipping your cocktail.

Not feeling overwhelmed or stressed with having to manage your business & staff but you lead from a place of power, confidence & ease. 

Knowing exactly what step you need to implement next in order to achieve your next level growth without feeling like your head is going to explode. 

Creating a business model with an uncapped income stream that allows you to work 10 hours a week and helping women create success worldwide. 

will enable you to gain a personalised strategy that will teach you exactly how to grow your income, free up your time & create impact worldwide.

1:1 MENTORING with poppy

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I started working with Poppy 6 months ago and honestly I can say that she has transformed my business I was at a place before working with her where I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I just didn't know how to do it And I saw her on Instagram felt like she was just the perfect person for me and honestly she really really was She has catapulted my business, my confidence, my skills, my knowledge, everything she having access to her brain is just amazing. We did weekly Zoom calls and I just couldn't recommend her enough, like every bit of advice that she would give me strategies that she would tell me to put in place, everything worked and she really knows what she's talking about. I feel so confident now thanks to her in my business and I just couldn't recommend her enough. So thank you so much Poppy



Online Educator

So before Poppy, I had my own business, just dropped my contract work. I knew that I wanted to help female business owners. I just didn't know how to package it up. And so I was feeling like super lost, like super confused. When I started working with Poppy, she helped me package up my offer, gave me so much clarity and confidence. And from there, I just thrived. I 5X my income in the space of about 60 days. I went to my first 5 figure month, which was insane. Working with Poppy has been amazing. She has brought me into and made me feel part of an amazing community. She always inspires me. She has a no BS approach, which I completely need. And I know that she's just gonna continue to help me to grow my business.



Business Mentor & Consultant

I am so happy that I believed in myself and my business enough to invest in Poppy as my business coach. To be honest, I couldn’t really afford it at the time, and I had a few raised eyebrows from family and friends. I think they were worries that I would never realise my investment of just over 10k. But fast forward 6 months and I have made back my investment. Not only that but I am soooo happy to be doing what I love and that is helping other women get ahead and make their dreams come true. If you are tooing and froing about investing in yourself…stop procrastinating and do it. Take that leap of faith, believe in yourself, trust the process and work fucking hard 
Thank you Poppy, I’m so happy our stars were aligned that day I saw you speak at LashFest. 

Joanna Lee

Public Speaking & Confidence Coach

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My entrepreneurial journey started out when I decided to become a make up artist, within 4 months I became fully booked, I then progressed to become a fully booked educator, launched my own make up brush company, opened up my own hair & make up academy until I then made the life-changing decision to move my business online. I 4X my income, which also 4X my freedom, and that's when I became a multi-6 figure business owner. It's time for me to teach you how to do the same.





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